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An Announcment from the MPF (11/14/2016)

IRON is a voluntary program established by the McChord Retiree Activities Office (RAO) to alert dependents of retired Air Force personnel when their ID cards are about to expire and need to be renewed. 

You are notified when your car tabs or drivers license is due.  Perhaps you would like a reminder when it is time to renew your ID card.  This does not apply to the military member, as their cards are good indefinitely.  Dependents, however, need to renew their ID cards every four years.  This is where the IRON program comes in. 

For dependents of retired Air Force personnel who would like a reminder about thirty days before their cards expire, please complete the application below and send it to the McChord Field RAO.  We will put the information in a suspense file and will notify you by phone or mail, approximately thirty days prior to the expiration date, that it is time to renew your ID card.  We prefer phone notification as it reduces postage costs!  Please enclose your address just in case phone contact cannot be made.  An alternate contact should be listed when available, usually someone other than your spouse, who can handle your affairs or knows how to contact you. 

This ID card reminder program is patterned after a similar one piloted by the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) chapter at Tampa, Florida.  The program being started by the McChord RAO is NOT an official Air Force or McChord Field program, but is solely an RAO program performed in a continuing quest to better serve the area military retirement community.   It is completely voluntary.  All information received will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be shared or released to anyone outside this office and will be used only for the purpose stated. 

When you renew, Please send us the new renewal date so we can keep you in our notification program! Mail to 62 MSS/CVR Bldg 100 Suite 1032, McChord Field WA 98438 or call 253-982-9646.


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